3 Ways to Wear a Tunic

Well, ladies and gents, I’ve made it. I’ve finally made it BIG. So big that Avon has named a piece of their new fashion line after me. I’m officially a fashion influencer. Can you believe that??

Yeah, I didn’t think you would, but it was worth a shot. Anyway, Avon’s style is to name their clothing pieces, and they happened to have released a blouse named the Caitlyn Tunic.

It’s a beautiful blouse, but I’ll be honest – what really sold me on it was it’s name. If you’re anything like me, you struggle finding your name spelled correctly on ANYTHING. So when I saw this top, I just had to have it!

The soft salmon color is even more beautiful in person! The light, loose fit is so versatile. It’s great for almost any body shape, it’s light enough for warm weather, and it’s perfect to layer in cooler weather. Let me show you a few variations of how to totally ROCK my famous top!


Casual / Comfy

For me, casual means comfy but stylish in a subtle way. This heavy cardigan makes this casual look ideal for everyday, especially in the colder weather we’re having. This is definitely a “throw-together” go-to outfit. The pop of color from the Caitlyn Tunic really adds that special somethin’-somethin’. And I’m super into ankle booties with ankle-showing jeans right now! These have memory foam soles, nailing that comfy factor.

Shop these ankle booties here.


Pressed. Clean. Put-together. Professional, yet fun and approachable. I wore this outfit to meet with a potential business partner, and I just love the vibe it gives off. Tucking the Caitlyn Tunic into the high-waisted Kaya Pants puts a clean-cut touch on this trendy outfit.

P.S. These Kaya Pants are durable and have the crease in front of the legs to give the appearance of dress pants…but they FEEL like leggings with tummy support! Ugh! Love!

Shop these awesome Kaya Pants here.

Night Out

You can easily take this Caitlyn Tunic from a casual day in to a girls’ night out! Tuck in just a small section of the front of the top. Unbutton the top button or two and pair with a necklace for a little more relaxed feel. And obviously, it’s not complete without your favorite heels and a chic clutch. Here, I’m rocking my Galaxy Belt Bag without the belt! Super neat, right? I’m a minimalist when it comes to “bling.”

Shop the Galaxy Belt Bag here.

I hope you love these looks as much as I do! This top is so comfy and versatile; perfect for every season. If you’d like to purchase it for yourself, make sure you check it out HERE and use promo code WELCOME10 for a discount. I’d love to see how you incorporate the Caitlyn Tunic into your personal style! So post on Instagram and tag @caitlyn_salyers.

❤ Caitlyn

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