How to Make $1000+ in Your First 90 Days with Avon

Alright, so you’re considering joining Avon or you’ve already taken the first step to starting your own work-from-anywhere gig (congratulations!) Well, I’m about to explain just how EASY it is to make over $1000 in your first three months with Avon!!!

Avon was named one of the TOP companies for women on the 2019 Forbes list — the ONLY network marketing company in the top 200!! Mind. Blown. The company has been around since 1886, so it’s safe to say they’re pretty good at helping women (and even men) make money with their own business.

Keep reading on to find out how YOU can maximize your earnings right outta the gate with our Kickstart Program for new representatives.

Start Your Glam Gig NOW!

How to Make Money with the Kickstart Program

Avon is totally different than most network marketing companies. Those other companies will tell you that you’ll have to achieve a certain title rank or mandatory selling bracket in order to earn your way into higher commissions. Avon actually STARTS you out in your first campaign with the maximum earnings percentage of 40%no minimum sales goal!! Yes, I’m serious!

In order to continue earning the full highest commissions, all it takes is continuing to grow your business and your sales. This happens when you continue sharing your new biz with friends, family, neighbors, and everyone on social media!

When you head into your second campaign, your first sales goal is only $150. From there, you’ll earn FULL earnings when you grow your sales by just $50 each campaign! Simple, right?

In the chart above, you’ll see that your sales goals increase by $50 each campaign. As your sales increase, so will your earnings! When you hit all of the sales goals, you will earn a minimum of $660 by the end of your seventh campaign with Avon.

When you recruit at least three friends to join you in making some extra money, you’ll also earn $50 per qualifying recruit for a total of $150. (These $50 bonuses are unlimited, by the way! So you could potentially earn even MORE!)

*Side-note: This recruiting bonus is $50 ONLY during your first 7 campaigns…so take advantage!*

When you hit all of your sales goals AND recruit at least three new teammates, you will earn a $200 Kickstart bonus on top of the earnings and recruiting bonuses! This equals over $1000 in earnings in your first 90 days! BOOM!

What If I Miss One?

Life happens, I totally get it. Wondering what happens if for some reason you miss a sales goal? Well, guess what. Unlike those other companies, with Avon you’ll still get PAID, regardless of whether or not you meet the sales goals in the Kickstart Program! There’s NO obligation, NO minimum sales quota to meet, NO hidden costs, NO strings attached.

Here’s what your earnings will look like:

The more you SELL, the more you’ll EARN. But the best part is that there’s absolutely NO MINIMUM — you sell, you earn. Period.

What’s Next?

If you haven’t launched your own Avon business yet, get started right here or go to and use reference code “CSBEAUTY” to be connected with our team.

If you’ve already joined our team but you still have questions or would be interested in one-on-one coaching with me, please reach out to me! I’m super passionate about what I do, and I’d love to show you how to maximize your home business!

Caitlyn SalyersGold Ambassador Sales Leader & National Recruiter

Instagram – @caitlyn_salyers

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