“No One Buys Avon” — How to STOP Being Salesy

You’re posting crisp product photos. You’re sharing your catchy link. You’re handing out beautiful, glossy Avon brochures. But…crickets.

You’re starting to feel like you’re exhausting your resources and scaring your friends away. Maybe being an Avon influencer isn’t for you.

Or maybe you’re doing it all wrong.

Would You Buy From YOU

Imagine scrolling through your Instagram feed seeing pictures of products that resemble a cheesy cookie-cutter ad. Would that stop you in your tracks?

Probably not.

Imagine seeing a random message notification from your 8th grade science class-mate, Courtney. She said, “Hey girl! It’s been a minute! I’d love to catch up and share this amazing new business thing I’m doing!”

Would that inspire you to respond? Naaa.

People are bombarded daily with radio ads, internet ads, tv ads, and salespeople constantly battling for their hard-earned cash.

Why would they want to shell out their money to you just because you posted a “shop my Avon store” link on social media?

Honestly, they wouldn’t. And I mean, can you blame them?

No one wakes up, rolls outta bed, and thinks, “How can I spend my money today?”

If you take your business seriously, your goal shouldn’t be to sell them on the brand of Avon; it should be to give them a solid reason to buy from YOU.

YOU are your brand. What would excite them about shopping with you instead of Debbie Do-gooder down the street?

Let’s talk about 3 things you see on social media that capture YOUR attention. (That will capture the attention of your customer base!)

1. Real Attainable Results

Imagine you’re scrolling social media and you see something noticeably different about your friend, Jessica.

Maybe her deep wrinkles are vanishing. Or what if her usually shoddy looking hair is looking luscious and bomb?!

Something like THAT is gonna catch your eye!

You’re gonna be curious and reach out to her for more details. “What are you using??”

That’s attraction marketing!

She connected with you by sharing REAL results. She didn’t even need to post the name of the product, the link where she got it, or even the price! She shared real attainable results.

Okay, but you’re a brand new Avon Representative and maybe you don’t HAVE results of your own to get excited about yet. That’s okay! Your teammates are wonderful resources for things like this!

Especially as a member of Avon Team B.L.A.Z.E., you can find tons of shareable content in our Facebook team page.

This works for skincare, haircare, cleaning products, teeth-whitening, or even bath & body.

Share your excitement for your friend (and fellow teammate) results until you can share YOUR OWN amazing results!

2. Trendy Fashion or Makeup

“So cute! Where’d you get it??”

An adorable outfit, a beautiful makeup look, or a bold piece of jewelry is eye-catching.

Get your friends asking where they can snag those comfy new tie-dye sneakers or velvety matte lipstick.

Be your own walking billboard!

Your audience wants to see YOU in your own merchandise.

Because why would they trust you talking about how high-quality it is if you’ve never seen it or felt it??

If you’re on a budget, start out small with a bold new lip color or a statement necklace. Work up to trying out full-face makeup looks or a new pair of shoes!

3. Curiosity Posts — What are they? How can you use them?

“I can’t believe my teeth are three shades whiter in just two days! This whitener is insane!”

“If you’re trying to repair your damaged hair, you have got to try this new strengthening hair mask!”

“What’s one thing you wish you could improve about your skin?”

These are just a few examples of curiosity posts. Curiosity posts do what you’d guess — spark curiosity in your audience.

With a little mystery, you’re capturing their attention and drawing them in to ask more questions.

Why is this an amazing thing? Because it initiates conversation!

It allows you to connect and educate them on the incredible benefits of your product, and it allows you to ask them open-ended questions to pinpoint their needs and how you can best fill that need.

STOP Selling to Friends & Family

To become a successful Avon influencer, you need to stop thinking about selling. Remove that word from your vocabulary.

Instead, replace that term with sharing or consulting.

Your goal shouldn’t be to “close a sale“ or to “get a new customer.”

Shift your mindset to instead set goals of “consulting a friend” or “making a new connection.”

As an Avon brand rep, we strive to connect with people, to gain authority and trust by learning about our prospect until we find a specific solution to their problem.

You’re not signing on to be an emotionless “salesy” bot.

You’re a problem-solver and an educated influencer.


1. Be authentic. — Be yourself. Don’t change your style just because you’re an Avon Rep now. Build a concrete foundation with your audience by being true to yourself.

2. Pictures are worth 1000 words. — Showcase before and afters. Share photos of the products being used by real people. No one likes copy-paste stock photos more than REAL, relatable content.

3. Education & connection over selling. — To be successful as an Avon Rep, you should always be learning and educating yourself on your products. This will allow you to build good rapport by being knowledgeable on how exactly your products can benefit your audience.

Your audience is intelligent and strive to make informed decisions. Provide valuable information instead of forcing a sale.

4. Just start. — Worried about how to start posting on social media to build your business? Just start! Learn as you go.

Everyone is different, which means one specific thing doesn’t work for everyone. It takes trial and error. Aim, fire, adjust!

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